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Dear Brookshire Roofers: My roof has huge gashes in it from a tall tree growing nearby. Will insurance pay to repair my roof?

Answer: Many factors affect whether or not an insurance company will pay for roof repairs. In the case of tree branches and roof damage, the issue is whether the damage was the result of an unexpected event or a lack of maintenance. For example, if a storm toppled a tree onto your roof, the resulting damage would likely be covered by insurance. On the other hand, if you allowed the tree branches to grow too close to your roof and failed to trim them back despite constant rubbing, it’s likely that the insurance would rule it a maintenance or neglect issue and deny your claim for roof damage. Another factor that could affect the situation is whether or not the tree is on your property or on your neighbor’s property (in which case, the neighbor’s insurance company may be involved).

Dear Brookshire Roofers: How much does it cost to repair a roof leak?

Answer: The cost to repair a roof leak varies. While one roof may be leaking because a shingle is cracked, another may have more serious damage requiring extensive repairs. Because so many variables exist, the best way to estimate roof damage is to have one of our Brookshire roofers come out and give you a written estimate.

Dear Brookshire Roofers: How much can I expect my insurance policy to cover?

Answer: Depending on whether the roof damage is covered, expect your insurance policy to cover the amount over your deductible (up to policy limits). For example, if you have a $1,000 deductible, you will need to pay $1,000 before your insurance pays anything. If the bill comes to $5,000, then you’d pay $1,000 and your insurance policy would pay $4,000.

Dear Brookshire Roofers: What are the most common causes of roof damage in Brookshire?

Answer: We see roof damage of all types with wind and storm damage being common. Other causes of roof damage include: house fires, wildfires, tree damage, cracked or missing shingles, hail damage, damage due to poor construction, and general wear and tear.