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Roof Types

Brookshire Roofers offers high quality products and expert roofing service. Each roofing job is only as good as the materials used and the skill of the roofers who install them. This is why we prioritize quality and expertise on all jobs that we do.

Let us help you select the best roof type and superior roofing materials for your business building or personal residence. Our team carefully considers:

• Roof type (sloped, flat, etc.,)
• Roof function (shelter, structure, support, decorative, etc.,)
• Roof style (includes architectural considerations as well as neighborhood standards)
• Roof budget (we can help you find quality roofing materials at affordable prices)

Roofing Materials
Once we’ve carefully evaluated the roofing projection, we’ll show you our ideas and recommendations. Together, we can come up with a roofing design that meets your needs. Because we are a local Brookshire roofer, we understand the local weather conditions and environmental factors that your new roof must be able to withstand. If you’re looking for a quality roofing solution, contact Brookshire Roofers for a free estimate. We’re confident that you’ll be impressed!

Brookshire Roofers: Services You Can Count On!

• Roof inspections – Need an impartial third party to inspect your roof or the roof of a home you’re considering buying?

• Roof leak repairs – Prompt roof repair service!

• Shingle replacements – From a single shingle to an entire roof replacement, you can count on us for quality.

• Structural roof repairs – We repair more than just roof leaks. Call us for all of your roofing needs.

• Roof cover-ups / temporary roof repairs – We offer emergency roof board ups and temporary repairs.

• Roof installation (new construction and remodels) – Hire Brookshire Roofers as your roofing company of choice.

• Re-roofing – Need a roof replacement? We are Brookshire’s roof replacement experts!

• Roof renovations and retrofits – Is it time to renovate or retrofit your existing roof? Call us today for a free estimate.

• Roof demolition – Need to make room for a second story addition? We offer safe, affordable roof demolition services.

Brookshire Roofers: Emergency Roof Repairs
Hurricanes, tornados, high winds, hail storms, fallen trees, and torrential downpours are but a few of the hazards that could damage your Brookshire roof. If any of these calamities strike, strike back by contacting us ASAP. We offer emergency roof repairs and cover ups on a priority basis.