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Brookshire Roofers


About Brookshire Roofers

Brookshire Roofers has over 20 years experience in the roofing and construction industry. As a general contractor that specializes in roofing communities in and around the Houston and Brookshire communities, we’ve seen all types of roof damage.

We are equipped to handle just about any roofing job that comes our way including:

• Blown off roofs
• Tree damage
• Hail damage
• Hurricane damage
• Tornado damage
• Fire and smoke damage
• Loose roof shingles
• Cracked roof tiles
• Leaking roofs
• Re-tarring
• Re-roofing
• New roof construction
• Roof renovation

We handle roofing of all types in Brookshire including:

• Animal shelter roofing
• Asphalt roofing
• Composite roofing
• Garage, carport, and outbuilding roofing
• Metal roofing
• Slate roofing
• Tile roofing
• Wood shingle roofing

Brookshire Roofers Priorities

Many roofers serve Brookshire, so what sets us apart from the rest? We’ve been providing roofing services to Brookshire residents and business owners for over 20 years, and we’ve been doing so with an emphasis on: professional expertise, value, customer satisfaction, and courtesy. This formula has served us well. More importantly, it has served our customers well. We are committed to providing Brookshire with the best roofers and services possible! Plus, we are here to stay. We are not a fly-by-night operation that’s here today, gone tomorrow. With our guarantee and long record of service in the community, you can count on us to be here when you need us.

Because roofing is a hazardous occupation, we are extremely concerned about the safety and welfare or our roofers. Continuous safety initiatives are undertaken and training and protective gear are provided to our roofers. We also carry general liability and workers compensation insurance and can provide you with copies upon request.